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With the extreme demands placed on equipment in today’s fast paced farm environments smart equipment choices are more crucial than ever. Offering some of the best value and service, far above the competition, Hi-Way Service is your obvious choice when you are in the market for new agricultural equipment.

Your time is valuable, so why waste it! At Hi-Way Service we have 7 years of proven sales and service history. Over the years the equipment may have changed but our belief in service and our commitment to you has not. When you start one of our machines we expect it to run long and work hard, just like you.
Our Mission to You Is to provide the services to connect farmers worldwide with the equipment they need on the foundation of trust and personal responsibility. As a company, our actions consistently reflect this mission and the values that make it possible.
INTEGRITY We strive to do everything in an upright and honest manner. Trust and personal responsibility is the foundation and core to our relationship. We guarantee to provide clear and accurate description of the equipment. From our employees that disassemble your equipment, to our office workers, to our President, everyone at EG Trader is held to a high standard. We live what we say and believe.
EXCELLENCE We provide international farmers best equipment at the best price. We expect excellence of our employees and management. We have the necessary staff and equipment to service your needs. Our company is continually looking at possible improvements, so that we can serve you better.
ACCESSIBILITY When two are a world’s distance apart, accessibility is critical for trust. We want to make ourselves and our time available to you in order to provide a foundation for trust, in any way we can. We send pictures of each step of your equipment order process from searching for the right piece of machinery, to disassembly, to loading. Locating and loading your equipment is only part of our job; being clear and transparent in our dealing is another.
RESPONSIBILITY We will take responsibility for our actions, and strive to do right while expecting the same of our customers. We will carefully load your equipment to and from our loading center in Miami, Florida.
We hold ourselves responsible to all of our values so that we may have a great relationship. We are dedicated to your success.

Our products
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Getting EG Trader inspection is a great way to make sure your equipment is ready – before you get to work. The EG Trader Inspection Program helps you catch problems before you hit the field, so you avoid downtime and save money
  • Benefits: Certified EG Trader technicians thoroughly inspect your equipment to catch the things that could stop you in the field.

    Worn parts are replaced before they cause problems.

    You can save money by avoiding downtime and unexpected repairs.

    You can stay on top of maintenance by getting your fluids and filters changed during your appointment.

  • EG Trader inspections are available for: Tractors
    Forage Harvesters
    Mower Conditioners
    Cotton Pickers

    Call us to schedule an appointment today, and stay in the field until the work is done!

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